• Industrial Style with Warmth

    Industrial Style with Warmth

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    Modern Pillow Talk

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    Fun with Flowers and Time

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    Kitchen Accessories Stored in Style

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    Use of Textured Floor Coverings


Passion for Creating Amazing Spaces

“Styling a space for the individual is very personal”. “The client is trusting you with creating specifically to their needs.” “An interior stylist needs to listen and really hear what the client is asking for.” “It’s about working to provide a high standard of service that makes the interior styling experience unique and special for each project.” “District-A / Interior Styling is about creating amazing spaces with passion and commitment.” “You as the client are unique and special.” “Why should your space be any different.” “Originally from the United States, I moved to Amsterdam because I followed my passion to create a unique experience in my life”. “I continue that by creating unique spaces for the individual with passion.”


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Consulting: Collaboration with the Client.

Discussing with the client suggestions or possibilities for the project regardless of how small or large the space.  Getting a full understanding of what is wanted is vital:

1. Ideas clients may have in mind for a space commercial or private.

2. Assist property managers or individuals in suggestions for making a space look more appealing to increase sales potential for home or apartment.

3. Work with property developers in styling potential space for “model” home or apartment.

4. Discuss budget client is willing to invest.

5. Discuss timeframe for completion of the project.

For interior styling consulting needed outside the Netherlands, this is also possible with District-A.

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Interior Styling: The Process.

Once it has been agreed between the client and District-A on the project being undertaken, the following actions will be put into place:

 1. Mood board created based on information discussed with the client.

 2. An official estimate of the total cost of the project will be created and sent to the client for approval with 48 hours either electronic or by post at the choice of the client.

 3. Once mood board ideas and estimate have been client approved and signed off, client will pay a deposit allowing the ordering or, purchase process of pieces to begin. Please note: Should manual labour be required ie.; painters, electricians, plummers, flooring installators – the full cost estimated for these services will require full payment in advance by the client as part of the total deposit.

 4. The deposit amount will be based on total estimate previously signed off by the client and as outlined in number 3 above.  Once deposit has been confirmed received, process for ordering, purchase of pieces or contracted labour will begin.

 5. Client has 7 calendar days to cancel without any loss of deposit payment.

 6. After 7 calendar days should client decide to cancel, deposit will not be returned as, time has been invested by District-A with the start process of the project undertaken.

 7. District-A will work within the budget agreed upon with the client.  Should there be a need to extend the budget do to unexpected cost not foreseen, District-A will contact the client first and confirm if client is willing to extend the budget or not.  Should it not be possible to extend the budget, District-A will continue to work with agreed budget.

 8. Once the project has been completed, payment in full for the remaining amount due will be expected within 7 calendar days of the invoice  received by the client.  This invoice can be electronic or, by post whichever the client prefers.

 9. District-A will always work with high quality for the client.  All receipts for purchases of labour cost and specific pieces will be available to the client.

 10. Should there be an issue with the guarantee of pieces purchased or outside contractors hired, it will not be the responsibility of District-A.  These guarantees of pieces purchased or, labour done by outside contractors used will rest with the individuals or stores involved.  District-A will be the point of contact to assist in sourcing whom to contact should there be an issue that arises with pieces purchased or outside contractors used in any project.

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